Shoemaker Training Course

Shoemaker Training Course

The “Shoemaker Training Course” is intended for people whose first time it is for making shoes.
If you are looking for career options and want “to acquire professional skills,” “a new career in a different industry,” or “a job in a manufacturing business,” why not try your hand at “shoemaking”?
The course lasts three months, and the tuition is free. It is designed to be an ideal vocational training for beginner to acquire basic knowledge and skills.

Organized by a shoemaker union, this vocational training has a coherent course design where “training” is closely related to the “actual field.” Not only is it relatively easy to find a job after but also offers career counseling while attending the course. Since instructors come from the “actual field,” students can receive thorough instructions on shoemaking skills required in the field starting from the basics.

Training Overview

The course offers basic shoemaking skills and knowledge in three months followed by employment opportunities with shoe manufacturers. Although it is focused on sewing skills, it also teaches the overall process of shoemaking. Aside from shoemaking skills, the course also provides repetition training and opportunities to work as a team to simulate mass production.

■Shoemaking Practical A: 102 hours

Practical for basic shoemaking skills.
It focuses on sewing skills and machine usage such as sewing machines.
Students will acquire cutting, skiving, and sewing skills as well as sewing techniques for different designs. (8 to 10 designs)

■Shoemaking Practical B: 102 hours

Practical for lasting, bottoming, finishing, and other basic skills required after sewing.
Practical for other sewing technique variations.
Students will be asked to sew shoes of his/her own pattern after the training.

■Mass Production Practical : 102 hours

Practical for skills required in mass production.
It mainly trains the students to sew faster and reproduce in mass quantities, making shoes of the same design.
In the latter half of the practical, students will be divided into teams to work on projects.

■Pattern Making: 90 hours

Basic pattern making course.
It provides pattern making skills for the six basic types of shoes: pumps, derby and Oxford shoes, moccasins, sandals, and boots.

■Classroom Lecture/Special Classes: 102 hours

Students learn the basic knowledge related to shoes and feet, business skills, and more. Students also take tours and workshops at partner factories.