About Shoe College Osaka

About Shoe College Osaka

Shoe College Osaka is a new project established by “Osaka Shoes Maker Union” in April 2018 to promote the shoe industry of Osaka.

“City of Shoe” Osaka

Shoemaking has been one of the thriving industries since the old times in Osaka, along with Asakusa in Tokyo and Kobe. Companies related to the shoe industry are concentrated especially in Naniwa-ku and Nishinari-ku in Osaka. These areas have many shoe manufacturers and stores that sell leather and other materials for shoes, wholesale shops, and retail shops and is where many shoemakers reside.

The towns have been supporting one another and the shoe industry in this “city of shoes.” It is exactly why Osaka is called “city of shoes.”

The purpose of this new attempt is not only for training shoemakers but also for promoting the entire shoe industry of Osaka as well as its brand as the “city of shoes.”

We hope to turn this project into something like a “City square” where people and companies involved with the “shoe” industry in Osaka can gather and create a new future for the industry and the city.

There are various courses that were in the actual workplace.

Shoe College Osaka offers a variety of courses.

“Shoemaker Training Course” starts in 2018. This is a three-month course for beginners, scheduled to be held three times this year. Students will study shoemaking basics and how to use and take care of tools such as sewing machines. This course is focused on sewing the “upper.”

“Career Advancement Course for Experienced Shoemakers” is also available in the evening. This course is for those who are working as shoemakers at manufacturers. Students can select certain skills they want to acquire and learn them in a short period.

Various courses are scheduled to be held to promote the shoe industry from 2019 and on.

About the Osaka Shoes Maker Union

The union was established in 1962 based on the realization that the shoemakers themselves hold the key to solve various problems they face within the industry.
They hold trade shows, measure leather for fair trade and offer staff training workshops and overseas visits.

Please visit their website for more information.
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